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Grace in Real Life

Deborah Hawkins and Wendy Coop

Welcome to Grace in Real Life, the Christian podcast where co-hosts Deborah Hawkins and Wendy Coop have conversations about faith and life to equip and empower women to live authentically. Join them every week as they discuss how to understand the Bible better and apply its teachings to daily living.

Deborah and Wendy bring their unique perspectives to the table. Deborah is a wife, mom, military spouse, and life coach with a passion for helping women understand the Bible and grow closer to God. Wendy, on the other hand, is a veteran, military spouse, podcast producer, pastoral counselor, and Bible teacher who is dedicated to helping women understand the Bible and know what they believe and why.

Together, they tackle a range of topics related to the Bible and Christian theology, from the basics of biblical interpretation to how to live out faith in practical ways. Whether you’re a seasoned Bible scholar or just starting out on your faith journey, this podcast is for you.

So, join them as they explore the Bible and discover how to apply its teachings to their everyday lives. These are conversations on faith and life.

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