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Jax Podcasters United LLC was founded in 2018 by Badr Milligan and Blythe Brumleve out of a mutual romance with audio.

Using their self-taught and trial-by-fire tactics, they’ve since teamed up with other podcasting fanatics to create the ultimate networking group that’s passionate about community and collaboration.


Badr Milligan

Badr Milligan

Blythe Brumleve

Blythe Brumleve

jpu on youtube

Co-founders Badr Milligan and Blythe Brumleve recently launched the official JPU YouTube. Subscribe to the channel to get the latest updates about new events and podcasting strategy.


Al Pete
Founder of The MPN Network

It’s been great being part of the Jax Podcasters Unite community. Podcasting has a tendency to be a lonely profession or hobby to be involved in. JPU assists people with ample opportunities to network with like-minded podcasters as well as receive exclusive tips and resources from elite brands. It’s a rich benefit to participate and flourish in JPU’s community.

Sarah Li-Cain
Producer & Host, Li Cain Media LLC
Community has been crucial to my growth as a podcaster. From having a podcast editor (who I now consider a dear friend) showing me which mic to use, to others helping me sharing podcast episodes, I know I wouldn’t have gotten to where I am by myself. Plus, it’s fun to geek out with others about podcasts – it’s part of what keeps me motivated doing what I do.
Phil & Eric
Since joining the JPU, we’ve had so many different collaboration opportunities presented to us. We have met eventual guests for our show, traded advice with fellow podcasters, and we’ve even been able to host a local convention thanks to the word of mouth from this community. We owe many of our success stories to the JPU!

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