‘’You are the most amazing person that you will ever meet, and the sooner you begin to believe it, the more success you will have.’’

In this week’s episode of #TheProfessionalRuleBreaker, we welcome John R. Miles, the CEO and founder of Passion Struck® and a renowned figure in personal mastery. John shares his valuable insights on living a life fueled by passion, moving beyond mere existence, and the concept of 'unmattering'. With his rich corporate and military leadership background, including being a former CIO at Dell Computers, John shares his journey toward personal and professional fulfillment.



  • 00:00: Introduction to John R. Miles and the concept of living a passionate life
  • 01:00: Unveiling the idea of 'unmattering' and its impacts
  • 02:00: John's pivotal moment from feeling numb to discovering his passion
  • 04:00: The catalyst for John's journey to founding Passion Struck®
  • 06:00: Overcoming the 'portfolio career' trap and choosing passion over safety
  • 08:00: John's experiences with Mark Benioff and finding inspiration
  • 12:00: Addressing the crisis of fulfillment in today's work environment
  • 14:00: Breaking free from the valley of despair and embarking on a passion-struck journey
  • 16:00: Life crafting: designing a life that resonates with your true self
  • 22:00: Exploring the power of mindfulness and inner exploration
  • 26:00: The significance of listening to your inner voice and discovering your path


Key Topics Discussed:

  • The concept of 'unmattering' and its pervasive impact on society
  • John’s journey from a state of numbness to rediscovering his passion
  • The transition from a successful corporate career to founding Passion Struck®
  • Insights from John's experiences with Mark Benioff and Salesforce
  • The importance of aligning your career with your true passions and purpose
  • Strategies to overcome the feeling of being stuck and to torch your passion
  • The power of mindfulness and connecting with your inner self
  • Practical advice on starting your day with intention and mindfulness to foster a passion-driven life


Empower yourself to step beyond the ordinary and welcome a passion-filled life. Let John's journey inspire you to uncover your unique mission and craft a life that truly sets your soul on fire. Remember, it's not just about existing; it's about igniting your inner fire and living purposefully.


P.S. Stay tuned, Part 2 is dropping next week! 📅


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