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Experience the expertise of renowned neurologist Dr. Steven Toenjes as he joins Dr. Michael Koren, in an enlightening discussion on the crippling effects of migraines and the arsenal of treatments that promise relief. Unpacking everything from beta blockers to the latest non-pharmacological breakthroughs, we shed light on options that aim to restore quality of life while minimizing side effects. This entire series of Two Docs Talk Migraines is an essential listen for anyone touched by the burden of migraines, as we navigate the complex landscape of headache management together.

Venture with us beyond the migraine battlefield to the front lines of clinical research, where innovation meets the urgent need for solutions. The insights shared by Dr. Toenjes underscore the importance of ongoing studies and the critical role they play in bettering the lives of those afflicted. Subscribe to MedEvidence and stay abreast of the latest developments that could change the way we approach this pervasive health challenge.

Talking Topics:

  1. Treating Migraines
  2. Clinical Research and Headache Management

Part 1: Breaking Down Headache Myths Ep 200 - Release Date May 15, 2024
Part 2: Treatments and Clinical Research Advancements - Release Date May 22, 2024
Part 3: Release Date May 29, 2024

Recording Date: May 13, 2024

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