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What if your dentist traded in their drill for a garden trowel? Join us on MedEvidence as we welcome Dr. Trey Wilson, who shares his unexpected journey from the high-stress world of cosmetic dentistry in New York City to the serene and healing practice of horticultural therapy. Dr. Wilson opens up about how the pressures of his dental career led to depression and burnout and how he found solace and rejuvenation in gardening. He dives into the science behind horticultural therapy, shedding light on its physical and mental health benefits, such as the mood-boosting effects of soil hormones and the joys of communal gardening. Discover how urban environments increasingly embrace the natural world to enhance well-being and how you can integrate plants into your life for improved health and happiness.

Tune in to hear Dr. Wilson's inspiring story and learn why horticultural therapy is gaining recognition as a powerful tool for mental and physical wellness. Whether living in a bustling city or having a deep love for nature, this episode offers valuable insights and heartwarming moments that will inspire you to cultivate your own path to well-being. Don't miss out on this engaging and informative conversation, and remember to check out more content on or subscribe to our podcast on your favorite platform!

  • Part 1 Release Date June 5, 2024 
  • Part 2 Release Date June 12, 2024

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Recording Date: May 13, 2024

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