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Ever found yourself crippled by a headache, unsure if it's the stress of the day or something more? Dr. Michael Koren sits down with renowned neurologist Steven Toenjes in a three-part series to shed light on the shadowy world of headaches and migraines. In our enlightening conversation, we deconstruct the various headache types and clarify the often confounding diagnostic criteria. With Dr. Toenjes' expertise, we navigate through the maze of migraine myths, laying out the reality of their diverse manifestations, from the classic debilitating pain to the lesser-known painless forms. Whether you're a migraine veteran or just curious about that throbbing in your temples, this talk is packed with insights that promise to transform your understanding of this widespread condition.

Headaches are more than just a personal nuisance; they're a global health titan, especially impacting women in their prime. In this gripping discussion, we examine the staggering disability caused by migraines, which stealthily infiltrate both personal and professional spheres through missed days and muted productivity. The genetic lottery of migraines is laid bare, along with a toolkit for managing the lifestyle factors that poke the migraine bear. We also pull back the curtain on migraine aura symptoms—those disconcerting visual and speech disturbances that mimic a stroke—and preview a trove of treatment strategies awaiting in the wings. From homegrown hacks to high-tech treatments, this episode is an indispensable guide for anyone ready to reclaim their life from the clutches of chronic headaches.

Talking Topics:

  1. Understanding Different Types of Headaches
  2. Global Burden of Disease
  3. Migraine Aura Symptoms and Treatments

Part 1: Release Date May 15, 2024
Part 2: Release Date May 22, 2024
Part 3: Release Date May 29, 2024

Recording Date: May 13, 2024

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