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Ever wondered what truly happens when you sleep and why sometimes it feels so elusive? Join us for an eye-opening conversation with Dr. Michael Koren and Dr. Mitchell Rothstein, a board-certified sleep medicine specialist, as we shed light on the mysteries of sleep and sleep disorders. Discover the root causes of common sleep issues like sleep apnea, narcolepsy, and restless leg syndrome, and understand why insufficient sleep tops the list of daytime sleepiness culprits. Dr. Rothstein dives into narcolepsy’s genetic underpinnings and highlights how essential sleep is not only for survival but also for maintaining health and boosting economic productivity. Chronic sleep deprivation's severe consequences, like weakened immune responses and reduced job performance, underscore the urgency of prioritizing good sleep.

Curious about the connection between your dreams and your emotions? We explore the fascinating relationship between REM sleep and mood disorders, and learn how early antidepressants that reduced dreaming sleep showed promise in treating depression. Dr. Rothstein explains the critical role of the amygdala in managing emotions during dreaming sleep and demystifies atonia—the temporary paralysis that keeps us from acting out our dreams. We also tackle the eerie phenomenon of sleep paralysis and how circadian rhythms influence our REM sleep patterns. Take away insights into how our genetic makeup shapes our daily routines, whether you’re an early bird or a night owl.

The discussion then shifts to sleep apnea, a disorder with profound health implications. Dr. Rothstein breaks down the stages of sleep and how disruptions can wreak havoc on your life. From the dangers of drowsy driving to the cardiovascular strain caused by repeated choking events during sleep, we cover it all. Learn about the latest treatments, from CPAP machines to innovative solutions like the INSPIRE hypoglossal nerve stimulator. Explore the potential of weight-loss medications currently under clinical trials to alleviate sleep apnea symptoms. Tune in for a comprehensive guide to understanding and tackling sleep disorders, and take the first step towards better sleep and a healthier life.

Talking Topics:

  • Sleep and Sleep Disorders Overview
  • Dreaming Sleep, Sleep Disorders, and Paralysis
  • Sleep Apnea and Its Risks
  • Impact of Sleep Apnea on Health
  • Advancements in Sleep Apnea Treatment

Recording Date: June 21, 2024 from WJCT Studios.

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