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Unlock the mysteries of cholesterol and gain a clearer understanding of its impact on your health with Dr. Michael Koren, a distinguished cardiologist and research scientist. Ever wondered why even dedicated vegetarians can have high cholesterol levels? Dr. Koren breaks down the complex world of cholesterol, explaining its essential role in our body and the intriguing concept of lipoproteins. He clarifies the often misunderstood differences between good and bad cholesterol, and reveals why certain lipoproteins like LDL and lipoprotein little a can be particularly harmful.

In this episode of MedEvidence Monday Minute, hosted by Kevin Geddings on WSOS St Augustine Radio, you'll get insider knowledge on how cholesterol is transported in our bloodstream and why it's crucial to manage its levels. With Dr. Koren's expert insights, you’ll be better prepared for discussions with your healthcare provider and equipped with the knowledge to make informed decisions about your heart health. Tune in to grasp the real truth behind the data in medicine and healthcare, and take a significant step towards better understanding and managing your cholesterol.

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Recording Date: May 28, 2024

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