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Step back in time with us to 1747, as Dr. Michael Koren and Kevin Geddings, honor the legacy of Captain James Lind on International Clinical Trials Day. Discover how a simple quest to conquer scurvy laid the foundation for modern clinical research, proving that even in the 18th century, innovation was key to medical breakthroughs. Dr. Koren's expertise brings to light the ingenious methods of Lind's trial, which still echo in the hallways of healthcare today.

On today's MedEvidence Monday Minute, we appreciate the ethical leaps from mandatory participation to today's respect for patient autonomy and informed consent in clinical trials. The conversation with Dr. Koren from Encore Docs is more than a history lesson—it's a heartfelt tribute to the standards and practices that ensure the safety and dignity of participants. Tune in and be inspired by the transformative journey from Captain Lind's era to the cutting-edge advancements that shape our medical understanding today.

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