Unlock the mysteries of medical research with Kevin Geddings and Dr. Michael Koren on MedEvidence Monday Minute! This isn't your average health podcast; it's a journey into the heart of medicine, where we dissect the truth from the tales and discover what it really takes to sharpen our mental faculties. Dr. Koren brings his wealth of knowledge right to your ears, blending clinical insights with research prowess to guide you through the maze of medical myths and facts.

This week, we're examining the intriguing question: How does one actually get smarter? With Dr. Koren's expertise, we examine the impact of practice and evidence-based knowledge on mental acuity, as well as the importance of discerning quality information in a sea of medical misinformation. Beware of miracle cures and five-thousand-dollar magnets, and instead, learn how engaging in clinical research not only enhances scientific understanding but also equips you with a more profound grasp of your own health. So, tune in and arm yourself with the wisdom to lead a smarter, healthier life, as we tackle these topics and more on the MedEvidence Monday Minute.

Recording Date: April 1, 2024

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