Unlock the mysteries of fatty liver disease with Dr. Michael Koren on this week's MedEvidence Monday Minute. Arm yourself with the knowledge to tackle an ailment affecting a staggering one-third of Americans - Fatty Liver disease, from a benign excess of fat to a potentially lethal condition known as cirrhosis. 

This week's discussion sheds light on the nuances between MASH and NASH—two sides of the same coin in the realm of liver health, and how lifestyle choices are at the heart of this growing epidemic. Dr. Koren doesn't just leave us with dire warnings; he brings hope, outlining intervention strategies ranging from lifestyle changes to revolutionary clinical treatments. Whether you're seeking to manage this condition or simply aiming to stay informed, Dr. Koren's blend of expertise and practical advice offers a beacon of hope for anyone navigating the complexities of metabolic dysfunction and its impact on liver health.

Recording Date: March 25, 2024

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