This is a highly anticipated episode because I have been waiting so long to have my OG boys on the podcast man! This week I got to sit down with UNC track star Ryan Saint-Germain, as well as video game content creator my boy Ron Williams! These two dudes have been my best friends since we met freshman year and this hilarious episode is a reflection of that. We all have not seen each other in years so we opened the show playing some catch up and got to listen to the cool places everyone went in life after highschool. Ryan is forced to answer who wins 1v1 him or Sha'Carri Richardson, we talked about our near death experience in Jacksonville club life as 18 year olds, how to save money on first dates, how PUSSY over draft fees are, relationships and a lot more! Thanks for listening! 17:00 Ryan vs Sha'Carri, 22:00 Relationships, 37:40 Near Death Clubbing, 44:17 Wells Fargo Go To Hell, 58:00 No Transportation 1:00;13 The Sound Bar 904 by Seddy Hendrix P@in by Cuba Cris Interstate by Barri B & Cuba Cris --- Support this podcast: