I Work Hard On This, Help Me Quit My Day Job Here: https://anchor.fm/bobby-brown-jr4/supportThe gang is all here this week! Bobby, Viktoriya, Judah, & Mikey will be the new normal for the podcast moving forward into 2022! Clicking on all cylinders Bobby speaks on ideal romance, Mikey meets The Nature Boy Ric Flair, Judah breaks up a fight at Rolling Loud California, Viktoriya experiences racism, this is a hilarious episode you don't want to miss!! We brought back the classic five things improv game to open the show, discuss some underrated TV shows you need to see, some comedy specials to watch & more! Thanks for listening! Please don't forget to tell a friend about the podcast! @maybebobby @vik.ach.ka @judahrite @goldschlager85o TimeStamps: 0:18 Five Things Worst Musicians, 7:01 I dont know these n*gg*s, 8:00 Something Never Done Before, 9:00 Instagram Live, 10:15 White People Working for Bobby, 11:40 Mikey meets Ric Flair, 12:30 Introducing Todays Topics, 14:15 Romance Vitamins, 16:00 IMPORTANT Bobby's Comedy & Podcast Schedule & Please rate this show 1-5 on APPLE PODCASTS! 19:37 More Standup Clips Coming, 20:30 Bullshittin With Judah Take 1, 21:20 Major PAUSE, 22:00 Judah Fanboys at Rolling Loud, 23:30 Catching A Dance, 24:20 Breaking Up A Fight At Rolling Loud, 26:00 Proper Introductions, 28:30 Comedy Specials; Matt Rife, Trey Mack, Lance Woods, 32:00 Underrated TV Shows you MUST watch! 41:50 Viktoriya Experiences Racism! 45:00 TWB Promotion Competition, 49:30 Bobby's Genius But Illegal Promo Idea, 53:20 Bullshittin with Judah Take 2, 59:30 SpiderMan No Spoilers MIkey & Vik hate Marvel, 1:02:00 Jake Paul Fight - Can You Take A Punch ? --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/bobby-brown-jr4/support