Join us as we dissect the Jacksonville Jaguars' exhilarating back-to-back victories in London and their long-standing rivalry with the Bills.We talk about those nail-biting moments, like Darious Williams' game-changing pick and Trevor Lawrence's impressive performance. Not to mention, we tackle the controversial topic of referee bias.

The episode continues with an examination of the Jaguars' unique ability to play complementary football, which played a crucial role in their win against the Bills. Is it the offensive and defensive contributions or their effective rushing attack that won the day? We examine the critical moments and performances that led to this victory. Plus, we'll scrutinize the offensive line's performance and discuss how it could be improved. 

Also, why do so many people seem to dislike Trevor Lawrence?  We raise some provocative questions delve into the nuances of his public persona and compare Lawrence's professionalism to what we had in Blake Bortles and Gardner Minshew. Plus, we'll examine Mike Caldwell's defense and discuss the secondary's performance. And of course, we'll give you the inside scoop on upcoming games and how to score the best tickets. Get ready for an episode that's as packed with insights as a Jaguars' game day!

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James Johnson and Phil Smith bring you the best and most up to date Jacksonville Jaguars news. "Touchdown Jaguars!" is a tribute to the prospective ownership group "Touchdown Jacksonville!" In 1991, the NFL announced plans to add two expansion teams and "Touchdown Jacksonville!" announced its bid for a team, and Jacksonville was ultimately chosen as one of five finalists. In November 1993, the NFL owners voted 26–2 in favor of awarding the 30th franchise to Jacksonville. James and Phil have been fans of the franchise ever since and have had the honor (and sometimes dishonor) of covering the team professionally since 2017. The rest as they say, is history.