This is a fun episode and you will want to listen to. Keri shares a song from the 50's that her grandmother sang to her and another song by Eva Cassidy that was shared to her by one of her mentors.  They are two totally different songs and it was interesting to learn how she connected with each one.  Join us...

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**Full transcript

Intro I have a question. What is your favorite song, and how do you connect with it?Is it when you fell in love, or through something really difficult? I'm your host, Tiffany Mason. Now join me as I interview others, and we take a walk down memory lane with them. Let's get lost in why that music matters to them. Turn up your radio and let's explore memories with a beat.

Tiffany Well, hello everyone, thank you so much for joining me for another episode of memories with a beat. Today I have Keri Brecht with me thank you for joining me today Keri.

Keri You're welcome. Thanks for having me.

Tiffany So first off, I'll tell you guys how we know each other. We're in a network marketing group together and really just support each other's businesses. And I started this new venture of being a podcast manager and, of course, having this podcast and Keri was so kind and she made me the best logo! You guys go check it out for VirtuallyYouPodcastVA, on both Facebook and Instagram and look at the logo. I have gotten so many compliments on it and I love it! It's green and green is my favorite color I don't know if you knew that or not.

Keri I didn't know that. Yeah.

Tiffany And so when I was thinking about I was like I'm gonna make it green. Then I was like I'm not gonna make a green. Everybody knows green is my favorite color and I'm not gonna make a green, and how would that even look good and like a limey green color. I'm not gonna do it. And then when you sent it to me it was like the heavens parted and the angels were singing. So, it just worked out perfectly so.

Keri It was so much fun

Tiffany Yeah, maybe is a little bit of a segue into what you do. If you would share with everybody what you do and how you keep yourself busy.

Keri Yeah, so I am Keri Brecht. I am a website designer and a branding specialist. And so I do logos I do, but I don't. I usually don't just do the logo, you were an exception because you're just fun to work with. But yeah, normally I do the whole package. So we get the whole brand together. We create your website and it just becomes this beautiful experience. I also am the host of The Face Your Dreams podcast, that Tiffany is helping me roll those episodes out now. And I have a digital planner that I've created that we're going to be rolling out the new version for 2021 here in a couple of months. Lots of inserts that'll go help you plan your financial goals your, your weekly monthly daily. All of that jazz but in a really awesome positive focus on things like mindset and self care gratitude, your vision board, you know all of those things, everything that you could possibly think of is going to be included in that. So yeah we do a combination of things but the main goal is that we're helping entrepreneurs, specifically female entrepreneurs, really go toward their dream and bring it into life so...

Tiffany Keri, do you have a link for that that I can put my show notes.

Keri I do. Yeah I can have the link to the Etsy shop. Hopefully, you know, it will get some more products up there. So when people go to visit they can check out everything.

Tiffany Okay, they'll be awesome so you guys look for that in the show notes. You said Face Your Dreams podcast, do you want to tell us a little bit about your podcast Keri?

Keri Yes, so we focus specifically toward female entrepreneurs again. But we talk about all things related to business life, you name it. It's like you're sitting down and having a cup of coffee with your best friends. I mainly do interviews. However, I will be rolling out some more solo episodes in the coming weeks. In preparation for the planner you know talking about goal setting and all of the things mindset, comparison-itis, you know you name it, we're going to talk about it. And it's just, it's been a lot of fun I got to sit down with actually one of my best friends growing up. He was my best buddy he was from kindergarten on and we kind of, you know, lost touch for a while. I hadn't talked to him for you know a couple years. We got to reunite and do an episode together and that was that was just really surreal. I've met so many amazing people had some guests to talk about. Even some of the things you wouldn't necessarily think about in terms of entrepreneurship and just really gets the wheels going. So, a lot of fun.

Tiffany Very Cool. I know I've enjoyed quite a few of your episodes and I really love your intro. It gets me like kind of fired up, like, ooo what are we learning about today?

Keri Yes.

Tiffany Yes, Good on ya!

Keri Yeah, good, good one.

Tiffany Okay and then I know that you invited me to a Women's Entrepreneur Facebook group, and you're doing some stuff with that. Do you want to talk a little bit about that as well Keri?

Keri Sure. Yeah, so I started a group, back in the day. It was just my business name, it was Face Your Dreams with Keri. And it was mainly geared toward the life coaching mindset coaching spectrum there, and people who needed help with that. And then when I morphed back into... I've been doing website now, or websites for about eight years. And so I brought that area back into my business, and now it's geared specifically toward female entrepreneurs. So it's called Abundant Female Entrepreneurs, it's on Facebook. You can search and join as long as you're a female entrepreneur. We will talk a lot about, again, very similar topics to the podcast, anything having to do with business life things. You know, all of that, we do celebrations every week. We have have little motivators in there. We do a woowoo Wednesday. So we have, even if you're just a little bit woo or not quite woo, you'll have fun with it. We do a little like Oracle card draws and talk about things that are maybe a little bit more in the woowoo spectrum. And it's just, it's a lot of fun. We've helped people grow businesses in the group. We allow for promotions as long as they're, you know tasteful and it's it's a great community to be a part of.

Tiffany I definitely get a very positive vibe from a very inspiring and supportive. Thanks for the invite.

Keri Yes. You're welcome.

Tiffany Okay, so let's get down to your songs that you've picked Keri.

Keri Sure.

Tiffany Now, I know that you picked one called Bushel and a Peck, and that was released actually in 1950. So I am dying to hear why you like a song from 1950 or how do you even got exposed to it.

Keri Yeah, so I... Well, besides the fact that I have always been called an old soul. I always thought I was born in the wrong era, except until recently and I'm like okay yeah this this was my era. But I always thought I wanted to be born you know in the 30s 40s just that era with...

Tiffany I could so see you ...

Keri Swing dancing and yeah so, so much fun. And I, I always remember with my cousin, she was about a year younger than, is, she's still alive, you know so she's a year younger than I am. And we grew up every summer you know rural Iowa. We would

Tiffany Yes girl!

Keri Woot Woot! and go to my grandparents house. And we would spend you know a good week or two with my grandparents. We'd always go you know in between, of course too to spend the night maybe for a weekend or something. But this was different because we got to, you know, do the normal. I don't know, did you ever watch, Lawrence Welk at all.

Tiffany No

Keri Oh man, you are missing out.

Tiffany The oldest show I can remember is McLaughin

Keri yeah I don't know that one.

Tiffany Okay

Keri Awesome. So we would do you know every Saturday night 7pm, or depending on the time zone right? Um, we would watch Lawrence Welk with my grandparents. They had all the old classic, you know, big bands type music. And I call it the bubble music. So like you could sit and have your happy hour down in the basement and have your cocktails with your friends like what you would play for that back in the 50s. And we would sit and listen to that and we'd dance together and then my grandparents always had the radio on Glenn Miller, you know, all the old Tommy Dorsey, you know, all of that stuff so we fell in love with that music. And we...nobody else knew what we were talking about. And now it's becoming a little bit popular again I'm like, man, I liked that since I was little. Anyway, so that specific song, my grandma used to tuck us in at night, and every time that she would go to tuck us in... We shared the little you know trundle bed and then she would sing us a Bushel and a Peck. And I just thought that she had made this song up when I was little I was like, Oh, this is a pretty song. And so we'd sing it with her and she would only usually sing like one or two little verses. And then usually it was time to go to bed, right? Okay, kids time to go to bed. I just remember like those, those hot summer nights, your foot half out the bed but you want to be covered up still, you know, that type of thing. And hearing the trains go by, because it was a small town of like 100 people. And the train went right through and hearing the train go by and it was just like so soothing and calming and falling asleep. I'm hearing my grandma sing that song and us singing along with it it's just such a beautiful memory that I hope someday you know to bring to my grandchildren. You know, along with that, so my grandpa died in 2006, that spring. And after, I think it was after the funeral. People were, you know, saying goodbye and people were like okay oh I can't stay with mom because you know I got to go do this tomorrow, or I have to help so and so or, I don't have a car you know things like that. And I said, I'll stay with her. I would love to you know and I stayed with my grandma. And at that time I was 19, maybe still 18, but you know it's not even 20 years old. I was older though, and she... can't, I can't even remember the last time that I spent had spent the night there before that. It had been a while. It had been several years, we went to say good night. And I said, grandma, can you sing me?...And I would think I was wearing like an old pair of her pajamas because I wasn't planning on spending the night. And she was like here, take these like really old pajamas. I'm like, Okay, so here I am wearing her pajamas. And I said, Can you push on a Peck? And she said yes and so we sang it together and we dance and it was just a really beautiful memory. And after that I would call and stop by how she was, but it was really like the last really special moment we had together, she passed away. My grandpa passed away in February I believe and she passed away in June. And so it was very close.

Tiffany Yeah

Keri So, that's yeah one of my last memories of her singing that song.

Tiffany Yeah, that's so awesome that that's how you get to keep her in your memory forever. That last night together.

Keri Yeah, it was really beautiful. And like I think we talked about before. I plan on singing that same song to my kids and my grandkids and carrying that tradition on I think it's just, it's a beautiful message.

Tiffany Yeah! Yeah, no, it definitely is. There were some other things that I picked up from that song. First of all, I felt like I was being transported to like the 1950s.

Keri Oh yeah

Tiffany I know just because of the strong vibrato and the big band sound in the background like the instrumental part of it. I could just see like the ladies you know with their little gloves and the little purses and their saddle shoe heels. And just walking through town with their long skirts but the puffy kind kind of still just kind of a fun, not memory it's a fun, you know vision that I get when I hear the song. I thought it was so funny too, when I was little, I thought that this was just like how much you love somebody I mean it is. You know I love you a bushel a peck, but I guess as I got older, like I realized like that's actually a thing. But then she also goes on to say though you make my life a mess. And I was like, wait, why... why is she... you know cuz now I'm analyzing a song so I'm really paying attention to the lyrics. Like, why is she talking about this person making a mess and I feel like all the songs from that time are so happy and like, you know, positive. And I'm like, wait, why, why are we talking about, you know, a certain sound like country song. Yes, but then she says, a mess of happiness. And I just thought that that was so cute. I love when lyrics are clever.

Keri So, yes, it's, it's just a fun, upbeat song. I mean, you... the whole purpose of your podcasts, it's like the meaning behind songs and how they connect to everybody right, this is just a song, it's like, you cannot hear this song and not smile

Tiffany Correct.

Keri You know, it's just, it just puts a little grin on your face and makes you feel happy go lucky.

Tiffany I feel like a little skip in your step too.

Keri yeah yes you just instantly get a little like I just want to skip around the block, you know, just pretend like I have no cares in the world.

Tiffany Yup, yup, I had a play it for Hanna after I listen to it, you know, because obviously I'm trying to figure out what this person song is and what it sounds like, and the words and everything. And she was, she just kept like kind of giggling you know like mommy, you're silly, as I was trying to be like cute with her or whatever cuz she's nine. So she's at that age you know where she wants to be treated like a young lady but she's still a little kid. It was just kind of a sweet moment of our own.

Keri That's so awesome.

Tiffany Yeah. Okay, and so you had another song too. First of all, I'll say it's Eva Cassidy and its Fields of Gold. It was actually released in 1996, but that was after our friend Sting had released it in 1993. So, what is your connection with Fields of Gold, and specifically Eva Cassidy? Lay it on me.

Keri Yeah, so I mean don't get me wrong I like the Sting version too. I just- there's something about his voice that's just like, he never gets old right? Let's be honest.

Tiffany No, timeless...

Keri Um, it's, uh, you know like, the second he comes on the radio you know it's him.

Tiffany Yes

Keri He just.. has that voice.

Tiffany A distinguishable voice.

Keri Yeah, yes, you could just tell. So, that sorts... particular version though... I back in high school. So all this just you know goes back to my past. I had a mentor who is my eighth grade language arts teacher Hey Mrs. Nottger. I was her very first we called them service learner. Service learners. So she wanted somebody to come into her classroom help her grade papers, make copies, I made posters for her room, I kept things organized, or she had a huge classroom library. Like it was, I like drooled every time I would look at her bookshelves because they she had so many books, it was amazing. And so I kept inventory of all of that. You know, I did a lot of things for her and she really taught me what it really means to be a teacher. And it's not just the teaching aspect. It's you care about the students you are part of their lives. And you're helping to guide them and coach them and hopefully you know teach them all about life at the same time that you're teaching them content. And I walked into her classroom like terrified of eighth grade. And I had been picked on and bullied in the prior years leading up to that. And I was like, oh here we go a whole nother year, getting picked on and who knows what this will bring. And she, her class was like an escape for me. And it was, she, her husband also taught science and I loved his class as well. It was so much fun. They're both amazing teachers. And I just, we made an instant connection with her. She I worked with her in her classroom for for all four years of high school, and even during college would cut back. I would have a break, no afternoon classes or something and I had to rush home really quickly, help her out with something, go visit my mom, and then go all the way back up to the University. She was just amazing. She taught me so... not only so many things just about teaching, which is what I was going to college for, but also just about life in general. And how to treat people and how to be a really amazing human being. And so she I was thought of her as like a second mom. She was just incredible. She's a lot like my mom, and to have my mom, you know is amazing, of course, but then to have somebody outside of my home who is very similar is, it's nice to feel like you have that support no matter where you go.

Tiffany Well, especially if you were in school. I mean it's nice to know that you had that reprieve like the rest of the day was rough, but I'm going to see my quote unquote mom and a little bit. And that just made you feel special, that saw you, that was interested in you and investing in you and nurturing you. And I just think that that's awesome I think everybody has a teacher like that. But yeah, I hear what you're saying how they just kind of changed things for you, for some reason,

Keri I love it. And it was so surreal too because I... later I you know went down my own path. And graduated from college and did a whole bunch of different things. And actually went back to my hometown school and taught a couple of years as a substitute teacher. And I taught full time, English and Spanish for one year.

Tiffany How weird was that?

Keri And then I moved down here to Guatemala. Yeah and so we got to teach, I believe it was her last year of teaching like the that year, she decided to retire. And so we got to teach not necessarily together but in the same area and at the same time.

Tiffany How coooooool.

Keri It was just it was really neat to see that come full circle. But anyway, what I would help her in her classrooms, I would go in early. And help her out with whatever she needed before school started, just make sure I had my list for what I would need during the time that I would be with her, what, if there was anything that she had to talk to me about all of that. And she would always have her music playing. And one day she had this song Fields of Gold but the EVA Cassidy version, playing. And I heard it and I was instantly like, blown away. Oh my god.

Tiffany Yeah that voice

Keri Yeah and Eva Cassidy's, you know, somebody like Sting or, you know, T Swift or anyone that. Again, she has this voice you hear her and you know it's her. She sings with such passion and it's so raw. And it's just like, it's like somebody opening up your heart and just like laying it all out in front of everybody like you just feel so vulnerable. Yes. And it's, it's just incredible the emotions that arise when you hear her sing like she could seriously sing Mary Had a Little Lamb, and it would be the same, the same thing. And so I heard the song one day and I said, who is this? She told me and she told me the song and I was like this is the most beautiful song, I have and I've heard the song before but this is the most beautiful version of the song I've ever heard. And she actually ended up giving me the CD of it for Christmas, I think that year, or my birthday, something like that. Um, and so I just played it non stop. I was obsessed with it. Every time I'd go in the car, that the whole CD would go on and the whole CD is amazing, the whole album. But that song especially just has a lot of special meaning. And so it takes me back to that place of, you know, on the cusp of I think it was when I was about 18 or 17 when I first heard it, and it was on the cusp of leaving you know off to go to college to start my life and figure out who I am and what I want to do in my life and to have the support of her, and also my mother. Which I shared the song with my mother after I got it. I was like, Mom, you have to listen to the song she's like oh it's Eva Cassidy, oh my gosh, I love her so much. I was I ended up buying her the album as well. And so now we all three it really share that, that connection and that passion for the, for the song and for Eva Cassidy. And so it's just great to know I have such amazing women in my life. My grandma. My mom. Mrs. Notcher. You know, all of these amazing women who have helped guide me and lead me to where I am today. And I have these songs that now every time I hear them I can't help but go back to the places where I was when I first heard them.

Tiffany I know I love that about music how it instantly transports you to that memory.

Keri Yes

Tiffany Yea, I would love to know which is stronger scent or sound, but both pretty powerful.

Keri I think so. I mean scent also is, it's powerful too. Every once in a while and you're gonna maybe think that this is weird but every once in a while, I get a whiff of my grandma's perfume. And I don't know why. And I always I always take it as like, oh my guardian angel's trying might not the same Grandma, the other Grandma, but I'm like oh my guardian angels you know trying to tell me something. And, I better pay attention what might she be trying to tell me. Um, but I think definitely for me sound. I just have so many memories of songs, certain songs, even if it's a song I hate. You know? Like I'll hear it and be like oh my god that totally takes me back to this one time where blah blah blah. Yeah, it's just awesome.

Tiffany So when it comes to music, do you try to learn the words? Are you like super interested in the words? Or are you just like the way the music sounds and so you're just kind of like, sing along, right or wrong, you don't really care?

Keri Usually, the first time I hear a song, I just listen to the melody.

Tiffany Yeah.

Keri And if I like the melody and like, Oh yeah, this is a good song and then I'll try to learn the words. And I usually won't stop learning the words until I get them all the way down. And it's, I don't know if it's just like the perfectionist in me that type A like I gotta know all the words so that I can sing along with it. 100% correctly.

Tiffany I remember getting a cassett. You could pull up the words and...

Keri Yes!

Tiffany ...and see all of them, but the singles wouldn't have the lyrics.

Keri Yes, that was the worst. When I would buy, I was in the, what was it? Columbia house like that CD club where every month, they would send you their selections and you could get a certain percentage off or like free CDs after you bought five or something. And so my friend Seth and I did that growing up. And so I have a ton of CDs that I don't even listen to anymore. But that was one of them that I think, trying to think, no Bushel and a Peck. I did buy the CD that had Bushel and a Peck on it.

Tiffany My goodness.

Keri Yeah. It's so crazy like your Doris Day, sweet! Sign me up! [Laughter]

Tiffany Oh, I'm so in that membership!

Keri Yes, I don't know if it exists anymore but it was so great. The best or the worst... The best part was when I would buy a CD and it would have the lyrics for every single song. And like the CD, the little booklet was like, it was like an actual book, it was fat and you were like, oh man, it doesn't even fit inside the case. And the worst was when it was just like that slip of paper that just told you the title and on the back like the all the producers stuff and you're like, What? Come on!

Tiffany Where are the lyrics? I'm sure much to your surprise and much to my surprise, as I get older, I keep learning some of the lyrics are incorrect. [Laughter]

Keri Yeah, we think we hear what's that what we think we hear is not necessarily what it is yeah.

Tiffany yes oh my gosh, I played the song back like I did with Bushel and a Peck. And he says, um, When we walk upon the fields of...and I thought it was water, but it's actually barley.

Keri Yeah, I totally thought it was water. Yeah, I totally thought it was too and I was like that doesn't make sense fields of water?

Tiffany Nope. And then I thought it was, you'll forget the sun, and his jealous smile, but that's not right either. And I don't have down what the correct answer was,

Keri Oh, it is jealous sky believe.

Tiffany Jealous sky, there we go. Yeah, that's right. Yep. And then I had, so she took her love for to stay a while, but it's not. It's talking about, um, for the gaze, a while.

Keri Yeah, but I thought that too, same thing.

Tiffany Sting you've got us all mixed up. Um, I had, I always said field of gold, not filled with barley. So sometimes I'd say water sometimes I'd say gold just probably however the wind was blowing that day was what I would choose. And then he said, or she says, I never make promises like these, but I thought, that's why I thought it was but I never make promises lightly.

Keri Lightly. Yeah, I did the same thing.

Tiffany I just had so I mean, like I was trying to take notes as I was listening you know so the song would go and I had to like stop it and be like, oh man I had that wrong. Let's do it again. Man, I had that wrong again. Just...

Keri No...

Tiffany I wonder how many songs I really don't know.

Keri No. So, when I was growing up, our local library had where they would weed out books and you could buy a book for like a quarter.

Tiffany Uh huh.

Keri And so my friend Seth and I, again, we always hung out at the library. We'd go check out books and just kind of sit and hang out and play Pictionary on the chalkboard in the backroom and all of that stuff. And they had a book one day in the weeded out section. That was called I believe, He's got the whole world in His pants and other like misheard or misunderstood lyrics or something like that. And I was like this is the weirdest book title ever but I have to get this book. And so I bought it and I read through and I was like, Oh my gosh, I love these lyrics are what I totally thought these songs were and so I learned a lot about lyrics from that book. And now every time that I listen to a song, if I am not sure on a lyric I have to look it up immediately because there's nothing worse than like singing in the car with a friend. And you're singing the song and you're like, full force like blast in it and you get the words wrong and they're looking at you like, dude, that's not the word.

Tiffany So my kids and I do that.

Keri Oh, I love it.

Tiffany No, and, and my daughter is finally starting to realize like it doesn't matter if you sing it wrong, who cares, just keep going, right? But every once and awhile we're like, Dude those words that's not what they said, That's not what they said.

Keri Not close but no. Yeah, sometimes it close but... so it's it's so much fun to... It's funny how our brain works. We hear something and we think we hear a certain thing. And we're so like, there, there were songs I heard 20 years ago, let's say or 30 years ago, and thought it was this that word for that amount of time, and come to find out, just a couple years ago. Yeah, totally not.

Tiffany Yeah, when I was listening to this song I had that that feeling like oh I was today years old when I figured out the Fields of Gold song.

Keri I love it, it's amazing. This song too I really enjoy. It's like a...It's an experience that you... You look at each verse. And it makes you have a different emotion every time that you listen to it. And I feel like you connect with a different part of the song each time that you listen to it. So when I was growing up, I would always connect with those first verses that were like the one you know Will you stay with me Will you be my love. Like whenever I heard that one the first time I heard the song. I thought I hope someday I'm going to be able to find the love of my life and, you know, be able to run around in fields of gold with him. And you know, just throw all caution to the wind and sit and have a picnic and watch the sun rise and the sun...

Tiffany Starry eyed lovers...

Keri Yeah and like watch the stars and do all those things. Now I listen to that I'm like, I found that. I have the love of my life and we do, we're, you know, cheesy romantics so like we do that type of stuff. We go watch the stars. We camp out in the tent and watch the sun set you know it's just, it's beautiful. We sit and enjoy nature and do all those things together and now you know reading through and reading that last verse where they're talking about many years have passed since the summer days, and see the children run as the sun goes down. It's, it just makes you think of this whole cycle of life and how everything must come to an end. Right? And we're getting older. And now it's time for us to pass that tradition on to our children. And to give them that hope, and to give them the vision of what their life is going to be like. And have them kind of pass through those same stages. So I that's I know maybe reading a little bit too much into it, but like that for me that song just is very much. One of those that takes you through a journey.

Tiffany Yeah, I always love a song with a good story like that.

Keri Yeah, she's so great,

Tiffany Isn't it amazing and like three minutes she can take us from like being a teenager to like being retired? [Laughter]

Keri Right? And before when I was younger and listening to it that last part I was like, oh that's sad, you know? Or like, Oh, that's a nice, that's a nice picture. And now that I'm getting closer to that part of my life, you resonate with it a lot more. A lot differently. It makes you think about makes me think about my own parents. You know when they were starting to have their family and even before that, what, what were they like? Like what were their hopes and dreams? And, yeah... Were they also imagining frolicking through these fields of gold and, you know? Passing things down to their children. It's just a really beautiful image.

Tiffany I agree, I agree. Thank you so much for taking time out of your day and sharing with us you know those sweet stories of your grandmother and high school teacher. And then just of course, Eva Cassidy, and her beautiful voice. Oh man, you guys...

Keri I know, I'm gonna go listen to her now. [Laughter]

We all know Fields of Gold, but she just takes it she seems a very slow. She really takes her time with the lyrics and with the notes. And just her soul just radiates out of that song. So I hope you all get a chance to listen to it of course I will have links in the show notes, go ahead and check it out. Keri, thank you again for your time.

Keri You are very welcome.

Outro Well that was a great walk down memory lane. I hope you enjoyed my guests memories and experiences with the song or songs they chose. To connect with my guests. I mean, I know you're just going to stalk, social media, but check out the show notes as always for details. Please leave a five star review, and I'd love if you left a memory of your own that was sparked. Can't wait to dive into my next guest's memories with a beat, hit subscribe now. you don't want to miss the next episode.