Barry and Abigail discuss Uh-Oh by David Byrne and sample Wheel Man, Afterglow, and Island Drive from Lincoln & South Brewing Company in Hilton Head Island, Florida.

Barry and Abigail spoke briefly about Renée Richards while discussing Now I’m Your Mom. Renée is a transgender woman who competed professionally in tennis in the 1970s. She also fought and won a landmark case in transgender rights in the New York Supreme Court after being barred from numerous women’s tennis competitions in 1976 for refusing to take a genetic test to verify her chromosomes. Barry recalled Renée’s story as being one of the first instances of widespread media coverage of transgender issues.

Abigail heard vague similarities between Girls on My Mind and various songs from The RaconteursConsolers of the Lonely (most notably Old Enough).

David Byrne performed at the Oscars for his nominated co-written song from Everything Everywhere All at Once, This Is a Life. Read more about the performance.

Please take a moment to check out What Am I Making, a multimedia creative endeavor by friend of the podcast Matt Carlson. Barry and Abigail appeared on his sixth podcast episode; listen here!

Monkey Man reminded Abigail of 14 Arms by Crash Kings.

Up next… Mutemath by Mutemath, submitted to our Virtual Jukebox by Frances Walton.

Jingles are by our friend Pete Coe.

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