What drives someone to turn their love for Japanese culture, anime, and manga into a successful podcast? Kory from "The World is My Burrito" podcast joins us to share his inspiring story and the role the Jacksonville podcast community played in his journey. We bond over our mutual passion for pop culture, recounting our experiences at various conventions and the shared values of reliability and professionalism in both podcasting and photography. 

From amateur snapshot enthusiast to professional event photographer, Kory recounts the early days of his journey and how networking with seasoned photographers opened doors to incredible opportunities. We discuss the importance of building a strong portfolio, the value of professional relationships, and capturing the magic of convention events.

Ever wondered how vibrant community cultures can shape creative careers? We dive into the grassroots efforts that have cultivated Jacksonville’s creative scene, highlighting local heroes and the initiatives they've championed. Our conversation takes a nostalgic turn as we explore the profound influences of franchises like Godzilla and Gundam on our creative paths. Plus, we wrap up with two fun movie-based games that promise to test your film knowledge and keep you entertained!

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