Step into the spotlight with Jacksonville's musical mavericks, The Limit Breakers, as we explore their symphony of gaming, anime, and hard-hitting beats. Jisun and Dani, the forces behind the band, recount their evolution from virtual anonymity to convention rockstars. They lay down their strategy for nabbing that first gig and stir up the local scene with a fusion of cultural beats that resonate with fans across the nerd spectrum. Fasten your seatbelts for a musical journey that promises to connect and electrify the community through a shared love for all things nerdy.

As we rewind through the treasured archives of video game soundtracks, the Limit Breakers and I get lost in the emotional vistas painted by the tunes of our childhood. Reminisce with us about the days when Final Fantasy 7's score was more than just music; it was an epic narrative that enchanted our gaming experiences. Jisun and Dani invite you to relive the memories and melodies that defined our gaming milestones, like the adventures in the pixelated world of Pokémon Yellow, through their rock-inspired renditions and passionately crafted sounds.

Creators and fans unite in an energetic conclusion filled with games, laughter, and animated discussions. Our Synonym Roll game will have you scratching your head and laughing out loud as we put our collective gaming knowledge to the test. Meanwhile, the Anime Opening Theme Guessing Game turns into a clash of wits and nostalgia, with titles like Cowboy Bebop and Attack on Titan bringing everyone to the edge of their seats. Join us for an episode that not only celebrates the crossroads of music, gaming, and anime but also extends an open invitation to collaborate, connect, and indulge in the passions that unite us all.

Find The Limit Breakers here!

The Limit Breakers | Lavender Town | Music Visualizer (Rock Cover)

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