Episode 30 - Erik is joined by both his co-hosts - Chris and Justin - recording together *in person* (for the first time since Episode 3), for a very special milestone episode! Read Erik's original article, Nuclear Fails: 10 of the Most Terrifying Atomic Mistakes in History - here!

Also on this Episode:

The Bracket of Fails:

  • Christopher Columbus vs Guy Fawkes
  • Ethelred "the Unready" vs "Holy Roman Emperor" Joseph II 

Music Clips: "Chained to the Rhythm" by Katy Perry w/ Skip Marley (2017), "Radioactive" by Imagine Dragons (2012), "99 Red Balloons" by Nena (1983), "Don't Fear the Reaper" by Blue Oyster Cult (1976),

Audio Clips: "War Games" (1983), "Duck and Cover" (1951), "Duke Nukem 3D" (1996), "Aliens" (1986), "Godzilla" (1956), "Thunderball" (1965), "Star Wars" (1977), "Mad Max: Fury Road" (2015), "The Simpsons", "South Park", etc

Outro Music / Segment Jingles by DeftStroke Sound!

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