So I started to go down a rabbit hole of research and thought this would be a great episode to encourage you all to STOP planning for a “normal” retirement age in your assumptions!

Even if you do end up working until 70, or 65, you should not BUILD that into your calculations.  Instead, whatever you think your expected retirement date is, push it forward 5 years.  So if you want to work until 60, push it to 55.  If you want to work until 70, push it to 65.  

The point being, that you cannot control what you cannot control.  

It then got me thinking about assumptions for retirement planning…and the inputs/assumptions we as financial planners put into the calculations make ALL of the difference.  

So what I thought I would do for the next several episodes is go through each of those inputs (retirement age, retirement spending, inflation, longevity, investment returns, and taxes) to coach you through on considerations before making certain assumptions.  Also, point out mistakes that I’ve seen in my career practicing retirement planning.  

So with that being said, today we will focus on retirement age…and I want you all TO STOP assuming you will work until a normal retirement age.  What is normal?