On the tenth episode of All the Film Things I am joined by my good friends, Cole Echevarria and Joshua Smith, to celebrate the holiday season by talking about Frank Capra's 1946 Christmas classic It's a Wonderful Life. This episode is spoiler- filled.

Not only is this episode on a Christmas- focused film, this episode has a very Christmas-y feel. The holiday season is a time where friends and family come together. In enjoying each other's company, family and friends share meaningful moments, deep conversations, and maybe a dispute or two. This episode has all of that. The three of us analyze the film while discussing the deep themes... with some minor arguments throughout.

It's a Wonderful Life is a fantasy, comedy film in which James Stewart plays the main character, George Bailey, a man with aspirations of seeing the world outside his hometown building skyscrapers and becoming wealthy. His big dreams are continuously put aside to allow him to help others which often, by extension, positively impacts the entire community of his hometown, Bedford Falls. His impact on so many people isn't realized until towards the end of the film, thanks to his guardian angel. It's a Wonderful Life was surprisingly not a success at the time of its release but has over time it has become regarded as one of the most widely celebrated Christmas films of all time. The film also stars Donna Reed, Lionel Barrymore, Henry Travers, and Gloria Grahame.

Cole is back for his third appearance on this wide release of All the Film Things, making this his 14th appearance in total. This is Joshua's fifth time on ATFT. Joshua was the one to suggest we talk about this film, since it's his favorite. I then asked Cole which he preferred of the two options (this film or Home Alone) and he agreed with Joshua. This was my first time watching It's a Wonderful Life in its entirety. Joshua has been watching this film since he was a kid while Cole had only seen it twice. They both regard It's a Wonderful Life as their favorite Christmas film. This episode was recorded on December 8, 2023.

In this episode, between the banter, we go through the film beginning to end discussing the admirable qualities of George Bailey, trying to better understand certain moments, and much more! Cole shares his personal connections to the film and why the film resonates with him deeply. I made a film comparison that is teased by both Cole and Joshua throughout this episode.

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