On the sixteenth episode of ATFT, I am joined by one of my good friends, musician Helena Amador to talk about iconic music moments in film!  In other words, moments in film where found music is featured or used to elevate a scene. This episode is explicit with some sporadic spoilers. 

Helena is to music what I am to film. We are coming up on ten years of friendship and, for as long as I’ve known her, she has always loved music and listens to a wide variety of music. It has been very cool to combine our passions for this episode and we made sure to go in "professional mode" for our talk. Even though this is Helena’s first appearance on this wide release, she is actually now tied as the second most frequent guest on ATFT! This episode marks her seventh guest appearance on the show and I have been excited to bring one of our episodes to this wide release! As previously stated, Helena is a musician and DJ- you can occasionally find her doing a live set on Twitch where the comment section is always active. Helena plans on releasing her own music hopefully later this year and continues to be booked for DJ gigs. Follow Helena and check out her mixes on SoundCloud and by clicking here: ⁠https://on.soundcloud.com/sokHybkUtMNh7Fwc7⁠. This episode was recorded on March 14, 2024. 

In this episode, Helena and I share our picks for our favorite music moments in film while also focusing on specific directors like Quentin Tarantino who famously use found music in their films to elevate a scene. We both share some hot takes where I talk about how found music is usually better used in 70s films rather than in 80s films and Helena’s pet peeve of Baz Luhrmann’s use of popular music. All this and more on the latest episode of All the Film Things!

Background music created and used with permission by the Copyright Free Music - Background Music for Videos channel on YouTube.