On the seventeenth episode of ATFT, my friends philosopher pirate Daniel Carbonell- Sifontes and filmmaker/ video editor Max McBride join me on the second edition of the “fan- favorite” ATFT segment, #FilmTwitter Trends!  This episode is explicit with some sporadic spoilers. 

Towards the end of last year, there was this trend going around #FilmTwitter (with the platform now called X) where someone would post a decade and list their favorite film each year of that decade. Nearly every decade became a trend at the time and it became a fun thing to think about and then answer.

This episode does have some audio issues but the quality of the audio gets better later in the episode. I believe this episode is not only one of the best casual- format episodes of ATFT but one of the best episodes of this “wide release” so far so I hope despite the poor quality at times, you will all enjoy it! 

Both Daniel and Max have been guests on ATFT before but this is their debut on this "wide release" of the podcast! I told Daniel about this Twitter trend and asked which decades he’d be interested in doing an episode around and he said either the 70s or 90s (just as I had hoped!). The 90s was a great decade for cinema with some of the most original films since the 70s. Between the three of us, we have a very different interests in film which made for a wide range of films discussed from Reservoir Dogs to Fallen Angels to Romeo and Juliet. Daniel is an incredible photographer and has recently directed a few music videos for the band Velvet Meadow. Follow his photography Instagram account @allmynegativesarehere and subscribe to Max’s YouTube channel by clicking here! Max recently posted a documentary short as well as an action- packed short film Pools. This episode was recorded on March 15, 2024. 

In this episode, Daniel, Max, and I go through our list of 90s film favorites and discuss them briefly as well as talking about other 90s films. Daniel’s first pick, his favorite film of 1990, caught Max and I by surprise. Max, an anime fan, was very excited to share his 1997 pick. Two of my 90s favorites got an eye roll from Daniel but I stand by my choices! Some tangents include Pokémon video games, one- take films like 1917 and Birdman, and arguing over the quality of 1980s cinema. Later in the episode we have a quick debate over which Keanu Reeves franchise is better: The Matrix or John Wick. All this and more on the latest episode of All the Film Things!

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