On the nineteenth episode of ATFT, I talked with director/ writer/ producer and Wagyu Films co- founder David A. Roberts! 

David has been working in production for over twenty years, a long period of time only exceeded by his passion for film. Thanks to his father, David developed an appreciation for horror films at an early age which led him to his work today. Before shifting into feature films more recently, he directed commercials, music videos, and shorts for over fifteen years. He co- founded the production company Wagyu films alongside longtime friends and collaborators. Under Wagyu films, David and company made shorts Weight, Embers, and Afterlyfe- all of which can be viewed on their Youtube channel @WagyuFilms.

David's directorial feature debut, Older Gods, is a Lovecraftian, cosmic horror film following Chris (Rory Wilson) whose friend's disappearance propels him on dark investigation, leading him to the horrifying apocalyptic cult that could have been the reason for his friend's demise. Older Gods earned the “Best British Film” award at the Breaking TV Film Festival in London and the “Best Horror Film” award at the Los Angeles Film Awards last year. Older Gods is now available for rent on Amazon Prime and is streaming free with ads on Fandango at Home (formerly Vudu).

In this episode, David and I talk about horror films such as Aliens and The Shining and the impact of sound in the horror genre, why he loves being a director and working in production, and his debut feature film, Older Gods! All this and more on the latest episode of All the Film Things!

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