On the fourth episode of All the Film Things, I talked with cinematographer and videographer Graham Zielinski.

Graham's dream has been to work in film production… but for a few years, he wasn’t sure if that would be his path. Graham spent two years in Los Angeles trying to make it as an actor. When he returned home to Florida, his parents wanted him to get a college degree. It is then he asked for one more opportunity in attending Full Sail University. Today Graham is a freelancer with his own production company called Graham Z Media where he works with businesses to create commercials and on film and television sets.

In this episode, Graham shares his journey to "living the dream" in becoming a freelance cinematographer and videographer. He shares his gratitude for being able to have the job he has as well as his passion for his work, specifically a documentary he made titled In Their Voices focused on the aging homeless population.

We also discussed the work of Alfred Hitchcock, David Fincher, and Steven Spielberg. Graham talks about his favorite film, Jurassic Park, meeting Samuel L. Jackson at a young age, and the necessity of a film having a good story.

Check out Graham Z Media on Youtube and on grahamzmedia.com to learn more about Graham and view his work!

If you have any questions for Graham, reach out to @all.the.film.things on Instagram!

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