Growing up in Philadelphia places Kia Hamm at the helm of many of the industry's Musical Legends. Artists like Patti La Belle, Boyz ll Men & Jill Scott have all raised the bar of expectation for talent hailing from the City of Brotherly Love. Kia Hamm is no exception to this standard as she delivers skillfully on talent alone. That's why it's no accident that she became a much sought after performer/vocalist. After a move to the West Coast, fans would line up to catch her performing with various groups around LA at places such as the Temple Bar in Santa Monica and the Sunset Room in Hollywood, and in Orange County adding her strong vocals to locally based Classic Rock band AlterEgo. After a stellar performance at the LA Songwriters Network Showcase, Kia set her sights on a solo career and recorded solo works with fellow Philadelphia producer and songwriter LaRombé of Lovelyte Productions. The result was a CD full of heart soul, and sensuality- a sound the producer penned the "PHIL-LA Flava". A few years later, as serendipity would have it, she met with and collaborated on tunes with Atlanta based singer/songwriter Reggie "K Son" Cason (groovesback.com). Kia's fans will be glad to know that she is hard at work with a new project with Kevin Tones of Melodiq Soul Productions right back here on the east coast. Kia's sultry sound is the perfect gem for those seeking a refreshing change in the industry. Everyone can expect to see and hear more of Kia Hamm.