@MrEricAlmighty & @PhilTheFilipino finally saw Hobbs & Shaw, and we discuss whether or not the franchise spin-off film is worth the admission ticket in theaters. We start with a spoiler free review by discussing our likes & dislikes (3:25 - 17:02), give our final thoughts and score for the film (17:03 - 20:17), before going fully into a breakdown spoiler discussion (21:18 - 39:56).Also, be sure to follow us on ALLLLLLL of our social media platforms below:Facebook: www.facebook.com/WaitForItPodcastTwitter: twitter.com/WaitForItPodInstagram: @WaitForItPodcastSoundCloud: bit.ly/WFI-SCSpotify: bit.ly/WFI-SPiTunes: bit.ly/WFI-IT--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/waitforitpodcast/message