Grace got you? Ever sang loud enough for the back row to hear you?  Ever glided because dancing just wouldn't do?  Laughed till your side hurt?  Have you ever heard a song that just lifts your spirits and makes you get up a move?  Because of the grace of God, this song does just that for me!  

8:00 Matthew 6:34 "Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow has enough worries of it's own."

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I have a question. What is your favorite song, and how do you connect with it? Is it when you fell in love, or through something really difficult? I'm your host Tiffany Mason. now join me as I interview others, and we take a walk down memory lane with them. Let's get lost in why that music matters to them. Turn up your radio and let's explore memories with a beat.

Tiffany Hello podcast land, thank you for joining me for another episode of Memories with a Beat. Today it's just you and I, again! But I have a really fun song for us to talk about. So it is by Mercy Me, and it's called "Grace Got You." I hope you know the song. But if you don't, the link will be in my show notes. I want you to click on that link. I want you to turn your radio up and get ready for a total mood change.

So let's dish about these lyrics. Okay. The first part says, Have you ever met those who keep humming when the songs through. It's like they're living life to a whole different tune. I love this line because this is Tiffany Mason.[Laughter]

I always have a song, in my mind. I'm always kind of b-bopping to something in my head. Sometimes it's something, usually it's something very upbeat and positive, but once in a while I get a ballad stuck in there or get a love song stuck in there. And I don't know if you guys know this but when you do get a song stuck in your head, the best way to get it, unstuck, is to listen to it. Your brain is constantly trying to figure out the next words of the line that you don't know. So that's why it gets stuck in your head. You keep listening to it but you can never complete it so it gets stuck in your head until your brain finds those next words. But when it doesn't find them, it keeps struggling. So if you listen to the song, you're like, "Oh yeah, those are the next words," and then usually it leaves you. Unless it's a, you know, clever little beat that gets stuck in your head.

Then it says have you ever met those that keep hoping when it's hopeless. It's like they figured out what the rest haven't yet. My husband always works fairly long hours. They've gotten better over time. And his job is very unpredictable so it's not really even his fault. And he has a management position. So when he gets ready to leave, you know, he would shoot me a text and be like 'Okay Tiff I'm going to be on my way." And then maybe an hour later he'd be home. And I'd be thinking like "What the heck dude?," and he would say "Well I was trying to leave but the server wanted to talk to me about that. And this person was talking about that. And somebody didn't know something about the schedule. And somebody needed something printed off for them." So he was really torn in multiple directions, you know, when he thought he was going to get ready to walk out the door. Then there's other times where... So I gave it away that he's a manager at a restaurant. And there were other times when he would think like "Okay I'm gonna get ready to go" and then they would just get a rush of people and he couldn't help it. And I remember one night getting pretty upset about it. And he said, "Tiff what do you want me to do? Somebody was choking. I had to call an ambulance and wait for the ambulance to come and fill out the report." And I felt like a heel. So I try really hard just to know that he does his best and he's coming home when he can come home. And he's not purposely trying to stay away from the house. Not that I ever really thought he was purposely trying to stay away from home, but, you know...So I would tell my friend you know "Oh yeah he's gonna be home at eight o'clock." And then she would be like, "Are you sure?", and then I'd call her 8:05 and be like "He's not home yet!" She's like, "I just don't understand why do you always believe him." But I'm just kind of like that. I want to believe in people. I'm hopeless in a good way. I just want to believe that what somebody says they're gonna do, they're gonna do. You know, and I don't want to question that necessarily.

The next lyrics are, the second you realize what you have inside it's only just a matter of time till you sing so the back row hears you. I love that. I always sing so the back row can hear me. At church, I love when the music gets really loud, and I can just belt out the tune and it doesn't matter because the instrumental is so loud and people themselves are singing, and then there's the lead singers. And I just don't have to worry about if I'm completely on tune or not. And now we have a row between all of us. So, it really doesn't matter if I'm perfect or not. And I love it because I get to sing at the top of my lungs. So the background can hear me.

And it says, why because walking just won't do. I love that too. I always think of like you know this really cool "Slick Rick" guy. And he's got, you know, dress slacks on but they stop at his ankles and he's got like the shiny black shoes on. And he slides over to the side because he's like so Joe Cool. That's the vision I always get with that one.

Dance, you don't have to know how to. And I love that. When you hear music just move. I cannot hear music, and not move. I have to dance. I hear a beat, I gotta move, I gotta dance, I can't help myself. So when he's talking about the dancing he says, ever since grace got you. So, just, you know, extend grace to others. Let them listen to the music. Let them sing loud. Let them whatever and that grace will be extended to you as well. And God gives us that grace every day. You know, just to be ourselves, enjoy life. You know sings so the back row hears you. Why? Because walking just won't do. Dance, even if you don't know how to.

And the next part is about a good belly laugh. So I knew that there were lots of benefits to just a good hearty laugh but I want to read a couple to you. So it enhances oxygen intake to stimulate the lungs, heart and your muscles, increases endorphins released in the brain, so some of those happy hormones. It will ease pain, decrease the body's stress response. And I have always used laughter for stress. When I met my husband's parents. I was just this little hick girl from Iowa. And I felt like they were like uber sophisticated, super conservative, you know, well mannered people. Which they are. But I think that I had them a little bit more pretentious in my mind than what they are. So we get there. And we're having dinner together. And his dad is asking me questions and I'm just laughing. Every time they asked me anything. And they're looking at Shawn like is your girlfriend okay orrrr 'cuz that's just how I deal with stress. I just laugh. I can't help myself. So, decreases the body's stress response, stimulates circulation and aid muscle relaxation, strengthens the immune system, and improves your mood. Which is funny because I was listening to somebody else's podcast, Shannon Pinkston, she was a guest on my podcast, a couple episodes ago if you remember her. And she was saying how she if she's in a bad mood, she just looks in the mirror, and she starts smiling like a crazy person. And before you know it, you can't help yourself you just have to start laughing. So I thought that was super funny. A good coping mechanism. But, you know, helping to deal with stress, and it really does improve your mood. So the words that go with all that belly laughing are laughter your whole sides hurting. Smile like you just got away with something. Why? 'cuz you just got away with something. You know we have that grace from God. So, when when things do happen wrong or we don't do the right thing, you know, we extend grace and hopefully others extend us a little bit of grace. And we do get away with those things.

Says so when you're standing in the rain, again. You might as well be dancing. Why, because there ain't no storm that can change how this ends. When you're stuck in the midst of life's valleys and you're in the storm, you might as well praise God for the storm. And you might as well just dance a little bit because there's really nothing else you can change. I have so many friends that get stressed out about stuff or worry about it. You know, they really worry about a lot of things. And I just have to remind them "Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow has enough worries of its own." And that is so true and that has gotten me through a lot of limbo land. So I don't know if you guys know that we've moved 13 times. When we got here that was three years ago so we would have been married 17 years so would have been 13 moves in 17 years. And no, we're not a military family.

We just had opportunities extended to us and thought that they were good opportunities so we took them. And then as the kids got a little bit older wanted to be close to family. And then one trip to Charleston and we were hooked. And we knew we wanted to go Southeast. You know, all that worrying doesn't change anything. So, even if you do worry about a whole bunch of things, it does nothing to stress you out. There's nothing, no way to change the way this ends. This is kind of our landing spot we don't really anticipate going anywhere else. We really enjoy Florida, and, you know, it's easy to to sing so the back row hears us, to glide because walking just won't do, and to dance, even though we don't necessarily know the perfect techniques or don't know how to. So the next time, when you feel blue, don't let that smile leave you. Why? 'Cuz you have every reason, just to sing, so the back row hears you. Glide, because walking just won't do. Dance, you don't have to know how to ever since, ever since grace got you.

I hope that you guys love this song as much as I do. I hope you add it to your playlist and share it with some friends. I'd love for you to comment on Facebook or Instagram, you know, how you feel about the song and just you know the impact maybe it's making on your life. Or how you are using it to help you change your daily attitude.

Outro Weren't those great stories, I mean songs. I hope you could relate with my insights and feelings to connect with me, or to check me out on social media, see the show notes as always for details. Please leave a five star review. And I'd love if you left a memory of your own that. Can't wait to dive into my next guests memories with the beat! Hit subscribe now. You don't want to miss the next episode!