Got a KJ in the hot seat this time...Are you thinking what I was thinking when I heard "KJ"????  It's a karaoke jockey...Duh!  They are the people who have come, set up, provided equipment for us to all live out our dream of singing on a stage.  I love the meaning for this song for Tess though.  Life is hard and we all know it.  Tess was at a point where she was just waiting to get to heaven till she realized she could create and have on Earth!  She has used her multiple international moves from the Philippines to Canada to the U.S.  She has two children but never did she think 6 mo after her second child was born that her husband would change and it would lead to her fending for her children and herself in a new country.  Not to mention all the emotional turmoil that comes with divorce.  She helps others to process what they are going through.  She surrounds herself in gratitude and karaoke and is in Heaven right here on Earth. Full Show Notes