They don't call her "Mama Pistachio" for no reason!  Angela Locashio is my guest, speaking about the song "Hero of the Day" by Metalica for SO many reasons!!  Mama Pistachio is good at holding space for others and a safe space at that.  Angela is a unique soul bursting with love for others and the desire for them to love themselves too!  Angela has a son who headed off to the Marines only to have her husband do the same.  Her husband, now, is not her son's biological father.  She knows her son is looking for a hero in addition to him.  Angela loved seeing her son mature and find his heros of the world and while she values others filling that role she thinks he is the hero of his story.  Angela hopes he will realize that too.  She was shocked by others' curiosity of how she and her family thought about the potential of death in the Marines role instead of pride and support.  She shared interesting traditions of parents of children in basic, the trials parents and spouses face in this season of life, and how this song weaves into that season. Angela even started a support group for parents of is so important for all parties involved.  This is a FULL episode of emotion and introspection.

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