We all have social debts that we’re supposed to pay. Whether it’s spending money to go to your BFF’s bachelorette or buying Girl Scout cookies from your co-worker's daughter, we’re all expected to conform to small social niceties to get along in society. Sign that sympathy card for the PTA president and chip in for flowers.

Sometimes, social debt is less about money and more about time. We’re supposed to reciprocate favors and make time for people in our lives. If you committed to it, you could attend a family event every single week of the year. That might not cost a lot of money, but you might get burned out fast.

Our information on social debt

* This 30-year-old Washington Post article on social debt explores the costs that come with discharging these debts.

* Another view of social debt and its emotional and mental impact comes from a LinkedIn newsletter.

* The Charlotte Observer offers information on the cost of being a bridesmaid.

* WKYC has a story on Girl Scout cookies and costs.

* Ever Loved offers some information on funeral flowers.

* There are a couple of articles on workplace happy hours from Slate, Business Insider, and SHRM.

* Learn more about mutual aid from the University of Georgia and Nonprofit Quarterly. Our friend Vee Weir does regular mutual aid drives.

* How we sometimes use social debts as a way to keep score in relationships. The National Library of Medicine has some research on how this works and its impacts.

* Check out the Instagram account Sarah referenced, Overheard New York.

Check out our financial resources and guest insights

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* Lingjie, who shared information about social debt, is part of Worst Asian Podcast.

* Check out Rob Phelan at The Simple Startup.

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