In this episode, Alex Sanfilippo interviews Chandler Bolt on his book "Published".

Here are a few points they cover. (See full show notes at our blog link at the bottom.)

Looking for Your Why

You need to define “why” from a reader’s perspective and “why” from the writer’s perspective. This is where you need to focus on why are you writing this book and how is it going to fit in with what you are doing.
The 3 main reasons for writing are Impact, Income, or grow your business or a combination of any of these.
Get clear on why you are doing this and write it down and keep it in front of you to come back to throughout the entire process. This is for motivation and for clarity! Having clarity will keep you from going down rabbit trails and focusing on the wrong things.
Think of 1 person who is your reader and write to that person. Start the chapter almost as it is a letter to that person. What does that person want to hear? Do they want you to be funny? What tone of voice works best for this person?

Once you are done writing should you self-edit?
We recommend a verbal read-through after the draft. Actually, read it out loud. This will make the book better. After this hire a professional editor, they will make your book so much better!
Reedsy or Upwork are great freelance platforms to find editors.

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