@MrEricAlmighty & @PhilTheFilipino are excited to bring you a very in depth review of the live action/CGI animated version of the beloved classic - The Lion King! We start with a spoiler free review by discussing our likes & dislikes (02:00 - 15:30), give our final thoughts and score for the film (15:30 - 20:39), before going fully into a breakdown spoiler discussion (20:40 - 50:00). We have A LOT to say, and would love to hear if we are alone on our feelings towards this newest Disney remake!Also, be sure to follow us on ALLLLLLL of our social media platforms below:Facebook: www.facebook.com/WaitForItPodcastTwitter: twitter.com/WaitForItPodInstagram: @WaitForItPodcastSoundCloud: bit.ly/WFI-SCSpotify: bit.ly/WFI-SPiTunes: bit.ly/WFI-IT--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/waitforitpodcast/message