Kat Geesaman has a unique veterinary career! Her love of details, science, and fine art resulted in owning her own art business that benefits the veterinary industry and beyond! You will want to watch this one all the way through to catch glimpses of her masterpieces and all of her knowledge. She may look young, but her eagerness for learning and helping others has produced a lot of wisdom.  

Link to the. YouTube video conversation: https://youtu.be/QszDzs_inlw

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🟥  Kat's website is https://www.ransomstudiosart.com/. You can find all of her fine art and murals, as well as the collection VetMed Designs, in which most of the artwork is available as either a poster or wall decal. 

Books Mentioned
Rich Dad, Poor Dad: https://amzn.to/3LGcVCi
Art Money & Success: https://amzn.to/3x1oUXd

Connect with Kat
Fine art exclusive instagram: @Ransom_Studios
VetMed exclusive instagram: @VetMedDesigns

Connect with Megan
Personal Instagram: @sprinklemc

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