Real estate has quickly become a women-dominated industry in the last few years, as the majority of real estate agents today are women. However, there are still many unique challenges that women face when working to succeed in real estate. These are some of the topics that Megan Farrell Nelson touched on in this episode of Real Estate Excellence.


Megan Farrel Nelson is a successful realtor and founder of the Megan Farrel Nelson team, as well as the co-author of the book Women in Real Estate Who BossUp. She has been awarded multiple times, not just for her work as a real estate professional but also for her contributions to her community. She is known to speak about women's empowerment in the real estate industry and show herself as a power for good and an example for new female agents to follow.


Join us in this episode of Real Estate Excellence to learn everything you need to know about women's empowerment in the industry!


[00:00 - 07:36] Megan Farrell Nelson On Her Women Empowerment Event and Book Launch

• Megan Farrell Nelson is a realtor and co-author of the book Women in Real Estate Who BossUp.

• She recently held an event in Palm Coast for women empowerment with industry-leading ladies.

• The event was successful and had speakers from all over Florida discussing different brokerage types and team management.

• Women dominate the real estate industry due to their approachability and relationship-building skills.


[07:36 - 14:18] Overcoming Challenges and Empowering Women in Real Estate

• Softness can also be a strength in negotiation.

• Empowerment can come through sharing struggles and personal stories.

• In-person events provide an opportunity to see growth and relate to others' struggles.

• Building relationships with successful individuals who can provide tangible advice and growth opportunities.


[14:18 - 20:57] Building Relationships and Going Beyond Your Community

• Building relationships outside of your community is vital for success in real estate.

• Attending conferences and events can lead to agent-to-agent referrals and business growth.

• Handwritten notes and personal connections are important for building lasting relationships.

• The Empowered Real Estate Mastermind conference featured volunteer speakers and networking opportunities.


[20:57 - 28:03] The Power of Networking and Overcoming Challenges

• Women's empowerment events provide a valuable bonding experience.

• Some women may feel they need to be tougher in male-dominated industries.

• People may act defensively to protect themselves, not to hurt others intentionally.

• Problems can be better addressed through clear communication, a skill that’s needed to network and overcome challenges. 


[28:03 - 34:56] The Importance of Emotional Maturity in Business and Life

• Women are often labeled as emotional and judged for showing feelings, but this is not necessarily true. Men can be just as emotional, if not more so, than women.

• Knowing someone well can help in handling emotional situations and avoiding knee-jerk reactions.

• Hurt people hurt people, and putting others down can stem from personal insecurities or jealousy.

• Taking a pause and de-escalating situations can prevent misunderstandings and hurtful words.


[34:56 - 42:17]: Powerful Stories of Overcoming Adversity and Achieving Success

• The importance of valuing relationships and addressing issues with friends.

• Surrounding oneself with positive people who support and uplift.

• Ignoring negative comments and focusing on personal success.

• Women in Real Estate Who BossUp is a book featuring industry leaders who have overcome adversity and shared their experiences.


[42:17 - 49:31] Inspiring Stories About Discipline and Persistence 

• Women in Real Estate Who BossUp is about successful female real estate agents who have faced challenges and overcome them.

• Being a female in real estate can be tough, but it's important to keep going.

• The chapter "Don't quit before the magic happens" emphasizes the importance of perseverance.

• The author shares her personal story of being sexually assaulted, how it changed her life, and how she managed to overcome her trauma.

[49:31 - 56:02] The Harmful Effects of Locker Room Talk and the Importance of Consent

• How predatory behavior has been normalized in many real estate events.

• Society's thoughts around sex and gender need work, but awareness is the first step.

• True consent is important, and coercion is not consent.

• Locker room talk is not acceptable, and men need to stand up against it.

• Discussion on the prevalence of sexual assault and the difficulty in reporting it.


[56:02 - 01:03:06] The Importance of Self-Care and Finding Joy

• Importance of finding ways to heal and cope with difficult situations, such as finding personal sparks of joy.

• Introduction to Real Brokerage, a cloud-based brokerage with a compensation plan including revenue share and stock.

• Megan shares her experience exploring opportunities and building relationships in the real estate industry.


[01:03:07 - 01:10:08] The Benefits of Joining Brokerage With a Revenue Share Plan

• Megan was impressed with the compensation plan and lack of a commission cap of the Real brokerage.

• Real has a strong community aspect, with agents contributing to weekly Zoom calls on various topics.

• This creates a financial incentive to help other agents due to the compensation plan and revenue sharing.


[01:10:08 - 01:17:27] Make Agents’ Lives Easier With Technology and Co-Branding

• Real focuses on making the agent's life easier with technology and backend systems.

• Megan's team operates out of a hybrid office space for credibility and comfort in meeting clients.

• Real allows co-branding with their brokerage and creating a marketing group for local offices to operate under their own name.

• Megan’s team is looking for a larger office space on a main road for branding purposes.


[01:17:27 -  01:30:48] Agent Branding and Positive Leadership

• A good leader listens to all agents, not just top producers.

• Making a move to Real took months of consideration but was worth it for Megan’s team.

• Megan is tired of negativity in the industry and believes in coexisting and supporting each other.

• Megan shares success stories of agents who started small but achieved great results through consistency and authenticity.




"The struggles that we have as women and our ability to have humility and share about them is really where our power comes from." - Megan Farrell Nelson


"You just gotta remember who you are and surround yourself with people who know who you are, because those are the people you can rely on when things get difficult, and they always do” - Megan Farrell Nelson


"Don't quit before the magic happens." - Megan Farrell Nelson


"Your entire focus should be on making the customer experience better. When the customer experience is better, your experience as a business will be better.” - Megan Farrell Nelson


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