Warning: content may offend some, so tune in if you dare! This week CJ Couch from Couch Talk joins Mondaze to reach some political decisions, we talk about the constant reoccurring theme of double standards, and Melissa open up about her sexual assault experience. 5:30 What does Melissa and her boyfriend argue about? 12:43 What are we even voting for this November? 20:50 Brett Kavanaugh and sexual assault 40:16 How do we really know who to vote for?!? 48:43 Couch Talk and the future of podcasting 57:51 CJ shares a personal experience with double standards Follow CJ and Couch Talk on Instagram @cjcouchtalk and subscribe on iTunes! As always don't forget to subscribe to Mondaze with Melissa Marin and follow @MondazewithMM everywhere else!