Though he was born in Panama City, Panama, Arsun F!st spent his formative years (from age eight on) in various places around the U.S., where he developed a love for hip-hop. After receiving degrees in both psychology and recording engineering, the rapper set out to pursue his musical career. Teaming up with fellow artist Em-Eye-Cee to form Team I.A.M. (along with producers Fatman & Tropical and Watson's Grocery), Arsun F!st began making his name known around the American Southeast thanks in part to his introspective and intricate lyrics, so much so that he was included on Green Lantern's MySpace Invasion mixtape and won MP3 com's Best Up and Coming Artist award in 2007, shortly before his debut full-length, It's a Struggle to Get Deep, came out on indie label Domination Recordings in February 2008. Arsun proceeded to release 4 more  projects  on the label over the next two years culminating with the release of another full length album titled “Life is a Beautiful Monster”  in November of 2010.     After a longer than expected hiatus, Arsun joined forces with Stillwater and Paten Locke to form the group Steam Mechanics. With a new group album in the works, Arsun released a solo effort in November of 2020 called “Black Peace-is” and continues to expand his artistic range with his first video director credit on the Qwazaar & Batsauce song “Cloud Pour” released on FullPlate Records in September of 2021.