Welcome back to another episode of the Real Estate Excellence Podcast! Today, I have Stevie Hahn on the podcast.  Stevie Hahn is an American Success Story!  Went from the lowest of low or "Broke as a Joke" just 7 years ago to one of the top real estate agents in NE Florida.  Her consistent production puts her at the top nationwide.  She has shown how to positively use social media for business.  With over 22000 Instagram Followers and growing, Stevie has taught herself how to utilize these platforms.  She is one of the 5 people you do want to hang around.   Her energy, charisma, and dedication are the cornerstone of her success.  Best of the Best.


[00:01 - 09:20] Opening Segment


  • I welcome Stevie to the show 
  • How Stevie puts herself out there
  • “Long before you face a problem. God has a plan.”
  • How Stevie found her niche
  • Finding new people is not so difficult!


[09:21 - 53:45] Sold by Stevie


  • Be with people and learn
  • Creating momentum and bringing service to others
  • Stevie shares a bit of her backstory
  • Where Stevie’s Work Ethic Came From
  • As much as things weren't ideal, I wouldn’t do anything differently
  • Why Stevie stays frugal
  • Staying in the office is beneficial
  • How to use Instagram as your portfolio
  • Meeting people widens your database
  • Build relationships and the money will come
  • Consistency is the Secret
  • Friends not Competition
  • Surrounding Yourself with the Five People
  • Why Stevie shoes the Keller Williams Office of Southside
  • It might be a confidence issue
  • Podcasts and Audiobooks
  • Reenergizing through books
  • Does Stevie use a professional or personal instagram account?
  • Who are the people Stevie chose to work with?
  • First Time Homebuyer Seminar
  • How to Build a Relationship with Realtors
  • The Key to Becoming a Realtor


[53:46 - 59:05] Closing Segment

  • Who You Know or What You Know?
    • “Who. 100%.”
  • Stevie’s Travel Bucket List
    • Europe
  • Connect with Stevie Hahn
    • See links below
  • Final words

Resources Mentioned


Tweetable Quotes:


“But I feel like in order to make a long-lasting impact with people locally is to meet up with them in person and build an actual relationship with them to build that trust.” - Stevie Hahn


“Even if you're a newer agent, and you just don't feel the confidence to reach out to somebody who's more successful, I still say “just do it”.” - Stevie Hahn


“I guess people that I have chosen are people that I've really gotten to know and built that relationship with and felt like I could trust them.” - Stevie Hahn

Connect with Stevie Hahn through [email protected], Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn!  Or you can visit their website. 

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