Barry and Abigail discuss Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron (Music from the Original Motion Picture) by Bryan Adams and Hans Zimmer and sample Green Zebra Watermelon, Green Zebra Peach, Green Zebra Pineapple, and Green Zebra Mango from Founders Brewing Co. in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Barry revealed that the first song in the end credits of a film is eligible for an Oscar nomination. The David Byrne song This Is a Life that we briefly discussed in Byrned-Again (David Byrne and Lincoln & South Brewing) was nominated based on its presence in the end credits of Every Everything Everywhere All at Once. Barry and Abigail discussed the tendency of Disney animators to recycle various scenes in multiple movies. Watch some examples! Spirit: Stallion of the Cimmaron was directed by Kelly Asbury, whose monochrome books were staples in the Hummel household when Abigail was a child. Barry entered Get Off My Back into the Abigail Hummel School of Speaking Smartly About Music with Windy by The Association. Don’t Let Go reminded Abigail of the Xanadu soundtrack, particularly Suddenly. Listen to our discussion of Xanadu in our episode Can I Do (Xanadu Soundtrack and English Beers). Run Free reminded Abigail of Stampede, the song played over the wildebeest stampede scene in The Lion King (also composed by Hans Zimmer!). Barry saw zebras “in the wild” at Hearst Castle. The woodwinds in The Long Road Back reminded Abigail of the music of R. Carlos Nakai, a Native American flutist with Navajo-Ute heritage. Up next… Smithereens 11 by The Smithereens, featuring special guest Dave Zalatoris of the Beer in Front podcast! Listen to our appearance on Beer in Front! Jingles are by our friend Pete Coe. Visit Anosmia Awareness for more information on Barry’s condition. Follow Barry or Abigail on Untappd to see what we’re drinking when we’re not on mic! Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | Website | Email us | Virtual Jukebox --- Send in a voice message: