Are you ready to dissect the Jaguars' less than stellar Week Three performance? We're pulling no punches in this episode of the Touchdown Jaguars podcast, as we tackle everything from team building, fantasy football fumbles, to the role of Press Taylor. Joined by my co-host, Phil Smith, we take you through our own fantasy football mishaps, including Phil’s regrettable preseason choices.

Ever wonder if a few choice plays could change the conversation around a team's performance? This week, we get into the nitty-gritty of Trevor Lawrence's performance, fan reactions, and whether Press Taylor is indeed the biggest issue the team faces. From there, we explore the potential of different play-callers, and dissect Andrew Beck's kickoff return during the scoreless game against the Dolphins. We're calling out the special teams on their lack of fundamentals that led to such a disastrous return.

No stone left unturned, we bring the heat while discussing the Jaguars' pass rush and defense. We question the over-reliance on rookie Trayvon Walker and the free agent signing of Yusuf Dula. The potential return of the one smooth from an Achilles injury, the implications of not re-signing Arden Key, and Trent Baalke’s role in resource allocation are all up for discussion. Finally, we ask whether the offence is trying too hard to bring Calvin Ridley into play, given the lack of resources and talent in the passing game. Whether you're a lifelong Jaguars supporter or just getting into the game, this episode promises to entertain and inform in equal measure.

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James Johnson and Phil Smith bring you the best and most up to date Jacksonville Jaguars news. "Touchdown Jaguars!" is a tribute to the prospective ownership group "Touchdown Jacksonville!" In 1991, the NFL announced plans to add two expansion teams and "Touchdown Jacksonville!" announced its bid for a team, and Jacksonville was ultimately chosen as one of five finalists. In November 1993, the NFL owners voted 26–2 in favor of awarding the 30th franchise to Jacksonville. James and Phil have been fans of the franchise ever since and have had the honor (and sometimes dishonor) of covering the team professionally since 2017. The rest as they say, is history.