Season Two of The Mandalorian has finally come to a close, so of course @MrEricAlmighty & @PhilTheFilipino had to do a complete Spoiler Free & Spoiler Discussion! For this special episode, we enlisted the help of fellow Jacksonville Podcaster, Badr Milligan from The Short Box Podcast. He was kind of enough to provide some thoughts on Season Two, which will be sprinkled in throughout the entire episode. Have you finished Season Two? Let us know what you thought on all of our social media platforms!

The Short Box Podcast: The Short Box is an award-winning comic-book and pop-culture podcast based in Jacksonville, FL, created in 2012 and hosted by Badr, Cesar, Ed, Ashley, and Drew. The show is on its sixth season of releasing weekly opinionated discussions centered around comic & pop-culture topics. Industry professionals, actors, musicians, and content creators regularly join the show to chat about projects and the latest fandom news.

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