In this episode of the Real Estate Excellence Podcast, Tracy interviews Toby and Jenna Elkins of the Elkins Group at Momentum Realty. This husband and wife team have had an incredible success story in the real estate industry, closing 25 million worth of deals in 2022 and serving 67 families. Tracy will be digging deep into their strategies and vision for 2023, as well as their experience transitioning from Toby's service in the Navy to a successful career in real estate. Listeners can learn how to add their tools to their belt and expand their circle of influence by being introduced to the leaders in the real estate industry. Toby and Jenna will discuss how they overcame challenges related to cold calling, working through the kinks of their business, and negotiating deals for infection reports. They will also share key strategies they use when it comes to pricing, customer experience, virtual showings for those in the military, and building relationships with lenders and transaction coordinators. Finally, they will provide advice on how veterans can prepare for a successful transition from military service to civilian life. Tune in to this informative discussion with Toby and Jenna Elkins as they reveal the secrets to success in their journey through the real estate world!