What a time to be alive. We got a lot of goodies for you this week: We start by explaining 'spoopy' to Mike (:25), ragging on Mike about Fournette (2:00), Panthers talk, Jags game recap (5:25), Mike's Mad Minute (8:50), Skyler's response to MMM (10:30), the biggest concern for the Jaguars this week (11:35), our favorite moment from the Jags vs Broncos game (15:50), Gators! Skyler dives into the tough upcoming schedule for UF (18:53), is it more likely or less likely that the Gators win all 3 games against ranked opponents (21:15). Seminoles! Mike dishes on whether we can beat Wake Forest of not (23:30), win all 3 or lose all 3 of their next 3 games (25:30), Mike's MLB Update, Keith complains about the Nationals and Skyler talks life after Joe Maddon (27:14), Keith's local update (28:55), all wrapped up with which food mascot could you beat up or not and why (30:34).