Do you have a blog that you want to monetize? Here's how to turn your blog into a profitable business!

Turning Your Blog into a Profitable Business with Elaine Rau

This episode covers many questions on the topic of turning your blog into a business. Here is a list of the questions that Elaine and I cover in this episode.

  • Is blogging dead?
  • Should every business have a blog?
  • What does it take to be a successful blogger? (What does it COST you?)
  • Did you enroll in a course? Or get a coach? Where did you get help?
  • How do you make/find the time to write content?
  • What are some ways to get more traffic to your blog?
  • What are some ways to monetize your blog?

Always be trying new things. Find your direction – then go after it. Change it later but give it your all where you are today as you're trying new things.

About Elaine Rau:

Elaine Rau, founder of has garnered a massive online audience of 170,000+ followers across all her social media channels in under 3 years.

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