This episode is about how sometimes you really need debt to move forward in your life. And even if you don’t need it, sometimes it can be a big help and well worth it to use debt as a tool to level up.

Where we got examples of costs:

* The average cost to move across the country when you have two to three bedrooms is between $3,000 and $9,500.

* On average, divorce lawyers cost $270 per hour, with a total average cost of $11,300. 

* The average cost of immigrating to the U.S. is $1,200 to $8,000, depending on a variety of factors.

* The average cost of in-state tuition at a four-year public college is $9,678 a year.

* Depending on the type of business, you could spend anywhere from almost nothing to thousands of dollars. According to a Shopify survey, it’s common for business owners to spend about $40,000 in their first year.

* The referenced “Boots” theory of socio-economic unfairness from Men at Arms by Terry Pratchett.

Resources for getting help

* National Domestic Violence Hotline

* National Resource Center on Domestic Violence

* Local food banks from Feeding America

* National Immigrant Justice Center

* SBA’s 7(a) loan program

* Unemployment benefits

* DOJ list of credit counseling agencies

* CFPB information on credit counseling

Thanks to our guests who shared their stories

* Adrienne Taylor from Tailored Wealth Saver

* Ashley Patrick from Budgets Made Easy

* Eric Brotman from BFG Financial Advisors

We recommend checking out the Borrowing Basics game and resource page from the FDIC.

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