Who loves vacation?  Sarah Bonham is back with another song that perfectly matches her life and personality!  She shared the song "Vacation" by Dirty Heads. Sarah lives where it looks like vacation s well as actually going on vacation.  Sarah spoke about all the trips she has been able to take with her family due to hard work.  She just got back from Hawaii with her husband. She's been able to take her son and husband to Thailand!!  And family trips domestically.  Can you imagine??  She loves to travel and be outdoors. And these trips allow her to do that. Sarah has made many friends with all the people on her team and is able to live comfortably!  She addressed all the hard work that goes into earning those trips and reminded listeners that her social media is the highlights reel.  It's easy to look at another's social media or life if you know them in person and compare.  You just don't know WHAT they did to reach the level of success in business or life that it has taken them to get where they are!  

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