Vet school debt can feel like a dark cloud. However, for the past 3 years federal student loans have not accrued interest, and payment requirements have been paused. That's all about to change in a school loan update starting in September and October of 2023.

Dr. Tony Bartels, DVM, MBA is well known for his knowledge of vet school loans. Working on the VIN Foundation, Dr. Bartels has helped create multiple resources for understanding vet school loans.

The VIN Foundation Student Debt resources are divided up into three main categories:
Apply Smarter
Borrow Better
Repay Wiser

💸 There is also the VIN Foundation Student Debt Center that supports those resources with an In-School Loan Estimator for students, My Student Loans tool for anyone with student loans, and Loan Repayment Simulator for those looking to better understand their various repayment options.

💸 And finally, a link to receive Student Debt Help for any veterinarian or veterinary student. All of these resources are freely available but designed specifically for veterinarians and veterinary students.

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