Dr. Emily Taylor Yunker is a veterinarian who practices small animal integrative medicine in Cary, NC. But her work extends beyond animal care as she is a doula and childbirth educator for veterinarians. Dr. Yunker is a passionate advocate for supporting working parents in the veterinary industry and improving workplace well-being. She shares her experiences as a mother, veterinarian, and doula. Dr. Emily offers valuable insights on navigating motherhood while pursuing a career in veterinary medicine. Join us to learn from Dr. Yunker's unique perspective and expertise in the field.

Episode highlights include: 

1. Pursuing a career in veterinary medicine while being a mother is possible with the proper support and resources.
2. Dr. Yunker's experience as a doula and childbirth educator offers a unique perspective on supporting working parents in the veterinary industry.
3. Understand the science of motherhood - matrescence

Resources for Dr. Emily Yunker & Veterinarian Doula: 

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