Step right up to the ultimate pop culture carousel as we, alongside our dynamic guest Ivan Patch, unwrap the bustling world of May’s entertainment offerings. We’ve got the buzz on the latest from the gaming universe, including Microsoft's gaming strategy and the adventurous future of the Tomb Raider series. With our trademark banter and a fresh competitive game to spice things up, we’re laying it all out - from Marvel's intricate content weave to streaming releases stirring the cinema versus couch debate.

Marvel aficionados, brace yourselves as we dissect the MCU's relentless release schedule and its effect on the universe we’ve devotedly followed. Are we facing superhero saturation, or is this rapid-fire rollout a fan's dream come true? Plus, we speculate on the fresh faces and uncharted paths for iconic characters, diving headfirst into the deep end of TV adaptations, content strategies, and what lies ahead for our beloved Avengers. Meanwhile, gamers get ready to navigate through the tumultuous waters of the gaming industry's future and reminisce over Sunset Overdrive’s legacy with Ivan, who joins us straight from conquering the convention scene.

Capping off the month, we tackle the controversies and curiosities that have gamers and film buffs alike chattering. From the heated discussions surrounding Assassin's Creed’s inclusivity to the impact of early streaming on the treasured theater experience, we're not holding back. Embrace the excitement, humor, and occasional rule bending in our latest episode, where the only thing you need to do is... wait for it. Join us, Phil, Eric, and Ivan, on this rollicking ride through May's pop culture peaks and pitfalls – we promise, the fun is just beginning!

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