Vet Life Reimainged guest, Dr. Natalie Marks is a former veterinary hospital owner and has been practicing for 23 years. She has a unique view of the animal health industry and the front lines of small animal veterinary hospitals. She now is a speaker, journalist, and advisor for the animal health industry and entrepreneurs. She has her own consulting business MarksDVMConsulting and is an investor with the first veterinary angel investing group called VANE. Dr. Natalie has a fascinating veterinary career journey inside and outside of the clinic.  

Dr. Natalie provides 5 great tips for surviving veterinary practice in this episode:

-       How to listen and communicate clearly at work

-       Delegate; don’t multitask

-       How to establish personal boundaries to refill yourself

-       Clinical empathy and a collaborative exam room

-       And what to look forward to in animal health innovation


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